Made for winners: CHERRY MC 9620 FPS corded gaming mouse

CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, is announcing its first ever gaming mouse: the MC 9620 FPS is designed to be the ultimate FPS gaming mouse with a focus on ergonomics and best-in-class hardware. Instead of making small changes to a regular mouse and then slapping a ‘gaming’ label on the product, the MC 9620 FPS was built from the ground up to satisfy the needs of FPS gamers with features such as a size-adjustable palm rest, weight adjustment, durable Omron switches, an optimized optical sensor, an optical analog thumb key, and RGB lighting effects.

CHERRY MC 9620 FPS: Ergonomics for endless gaming sessions

Being a gamer himself, Tolga Akcadag, product manager at CHERRY, knows about the importance of ergonomics when designing a mouse that is meant to be used for long, intense gaming sessions. The MC 9620 FPS will fit every hand size thanks to a size-adjustable palm rest with 5 different settings (130 to 140 mm) and is suitable for both right-handed as well as left-handed users thanks to its symmetrical design. Gamers looking to fine-tune the feel of the mouse can adjust its weight with the three included 5-gram weights, and to guarantee smooth mouse movement the extra-large glide pads are coated with Teflon. Textured side grips and a silicone coated scroll wheel prevent fingers from slipping in the heat of the battle. To avoid cable damage yet give the gamer maximum freedom, the USB-cable of the CHERRY MC 9620 FPS is 1,8 meters long and textile-braided.

Adjustable wrist rest

“As product manager at CHERRY, it was my intention to create the ultimate gaming mouse. To achieve this, we have optimized the ergonomics so that the MC 9620 FPS can be individually adjusted and fits perfectly in the hand of the gamer. For maximum performance, we have combined our technology with that of other leading companies. I’m sure that our MC 9620 FPS will be the best virtual battle companion for FPS-players and that it will provide the decisive advantage when a mere fraction of a second makes the difference between victory or defeat!”

– Tolga Akcadag, product manager at CHERRY

Optical sensor for lightning-fast response

Building the ultimate FPS gaming mouse requires best-in-class hardware. The heart of the MC 9620 FPS is a PixArt optical sensor with a resolution that can be progressively adjusted up to 12,000 dpi with the integrated 5-step DPI switch and finetuned with the included CHERRY Utility software. To ensure lightning-fast responses the sensor supports a maximum acceleration of 250 ips / 50 g.

Omron switches and optical sensor

Durable mouse buttons and console-style trigger

To emulate the trigger functionality of controllers for consoles, CHERRY has implemented an optical analog sensor in the thumb button. This allows for a fine-grained control of critical features such as sniping in FPS games or speed acceleration in racing games. The regular mouse buttons have been equipped with durable Omron switches to guarantee a long lifespan even under extreme conditions. With a total of nine configurable mouse buttons, the MC 9260 FPS is the ideal match for every gamer.

RGB effects and CHERRY Utility increase gaming experience

CHERRY has added RGB illumination to different parts of the mouse to increase the gaming experience, such as the scroll wheel, lower side panels, and the CHERRY button. This button makes it easy to launch the CHERRY Utility software and configure the mouse buttons, adjust DPI settings, and set the illumination to any of the 16,8 million supported RGB-colors or select special lighting effects. To round up the RGB features, the mouse also projects the CHERRY logo from the palm rest onto the surface, adding to the exclusive and high-end look of the MC 9260 FPS.

The CHERRY MC 9620 FPS corded gaming mouse is available today and in China only. Read more on the international product website.