CHERRY MX Board 5.0 Special Edition: Big giveway at Gamescom 2017

Auerbach, August 18, 2017 – CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, is setting up the MX Board 5.0 as a strictly limited special edition, which was specially designed for the Höllenmaschine 8. For the launch of the brand new keyboard on August 23, there will be a giveaway with Team Hölle at Gamescom 2017, where the trade fair visitors have the chance to win one of the unique pieces.

MX Board 5.0 at Gamescom 2017

CHERRY will launch the MX Board 5.0 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. This keyboard is the newest member of the MX-Board family, which again brings innovative features. For the launch of this high-end keyboard, CHERRY is again cooperating with Team Hölle from PC Welt like last year, and is thus part of the Höllenmaschine 8. To fit this project, the MX Board 5.0 will be released in a strictly limited version, which is not available for sale. In addition to a lasered logo on the return key, these special editions are engraved with a numbering, which makes every keyboard unique.

Raffle of the limited Edition

Nevertheless, trade fair visitors and fans of CHERRY and the Höllenmaschine have the opportunity to win the brand new MX Board 5.0 in the strictly limited version. From 23rd to 26th August 2017, there will be two stage shows from Team Hölle at Caseking in Hall 8 at booth C040, at 13:30 and 18:00 (except for the second show on 26.7 at 16:30) Always one keyboard will be raffled in each show. Additionally, the lucky winners are going to hold the MX Board 5.0 in their hands before official availability.

Official introduction of MX Board 5.0 at Gamescom

The CHERRY product manager will also participate the stage show on 23 August at 1:30 pm to officially launch the MX Board. All information of the new high-end keyboard will be unveiled and the features will be explained in detail. After Gamescom the standard version of the MX Board 5.0 will be available for sale.