Certifications from the areas of safety and ergonomics

Certifications from the areas of safety and ergonomics

The certifications, approvals and requirements of the safety and ergonomics area include the aspect of product safety. These test marks are voluntary – however CHERRY does possess some of them.

Throughout the entire product range, various CHERRY products have various labels and test marks classified in the safety and ergonomics category. These ensure that the devices can be used safely in many different regions and countries – as requirements vary across the globe.

Careful testing for safe and ergonomic handling

The UL, GS and DGUV certifications ensure various things: Fire safety, thermal stability, insulation capacity and flammability. Furthermore, the testing centers also test whether the devices pose any danger to the user during intended use (and also during foreseeable misuse). Even ergonomic tests are performed and certifications are awarded: These include safety, occupational health, ergonomic and occupational psychology aspects that must be fulfilled.

The voluntary, strict testing of our CHERRY products is thus a strong sign of safety and ergonomics for customers and creates a sense of trust.

In the following blog entries, we present the certifications and manufacturer’s declarations that CHERRY’s products possess.

CHERRY MC 4000 vorgestellt

Die neue, kabelgebundene Maus CHERRY MC 4000 ermöglicht professionelles, schnelles und präzises Arbeiten. Nicht nur die vollständig umlaufende Gleitfläche auf der Unterseite, sondern auch der optische und hochwertige Sensor machen die MC 4000 zu einem Eingabegerät für gehobene Ansprüche. Hinzu kommt, dass die MC 4000 sowohl für Links-, als auch für Rechtshänder bestens geeignet ist.

Ergonomic typing – What you should pay attention to

Ergonomic working is often neglected at office workplaces and other areas where a lot of typing is necessary. Many times, this results pain in the typist’s joints. Common reasons are incorrect posture and operation. We put together some tips to help you pay attention to ergonomic typing.