Introducing the security keyboard CHERRY KC 1000 SC-Z

CHERRY has announced the KC 1000 SC-Z, an extremely secure, corded keyboard with an integrated Class 2 chip card reader. The new smart card keyboard has been manufactured and developed according to the BSI-certified Common Criteria requirements, provides maximum security at the workplace, and saves space on the desk thanks to its 2-in-1 construction. The integrated chip card terminal meets the requirements for electronic signatures, authentication, data encryption, and access authorization.

Here you can buy the CHERRY MX Board 5.0

The new high-end mechanical keyboard  CHERRY MX Board 5.0 is only available at selected online shops from market launch. Read more details in this blog post.

Introducing the CHERRY B.Unlimited 3.0

CHERRY presents a high-quality desktop set for everyday use with the B.Unlimited 3.0. The benefits of this completely redesigned keyboard-mouse combination are a high reliability, wireless operation, and an encrypted transmission of data signals. Through the abrasion-resistant laser inscription of key caps, the new B.Unlimited 3.0 is extremely durable.

How to properly clean your keyboard

On average, there are more bacteria on a keyboard, than on a public toilet, which is why you should consider regular cleaning. There are different ways to remove coarse as well as stubborn dirt. We have compiled some options for you.

Solve errors and failures of wired PC keyboards

If suddenly errors occur with your keyboard, this is not only very annoying, but it also keeps you from finishing your activities on the PC. In this blog post, we have summarized common issues and how you can fix them.

Ergebnisse der Tastatur-Umfrage mit OTH Weiden

Im Januar 2016 führte die OTH Weiden mit Unterstützung von CHERRY eine Online-Umfrage zum Thema „Mechanische Tastaturen“ durch. Die Studie sollte ermitteln, welche Art von Tastatur bei Gamern am beliebtesten ist. Wir haben die Ergebnisse zusammengefasst.

How keyboards work

Welcome to the Matrix

The green letters that make up the virtual world in the Hollywood trilogy The Matrix have become legendary. But what does The Matrix have in common with PC keyboards, apart from the fact that you cannot write programming code without a keyboard, unless you are an AI?