How to properly clean your keyboard

On average, there are more bacteria on a keyboard, than on a public toilet, which is why you should consider regular cleaning. There are different ways to remove coarse as well as stubborn dirt. We have compiled some options for you.

Apart from bacteria and sometimes even viruses, you can often find crumbs, lint and residues of hand sweat on a keyboard. First, you should ensure the keyboard is completely disconnected from the PC. For wireless models, make sure that they are turned off. However, it is not enough to just slide the power switch into the appropriate position – the batteries must also be removed. Only then you can begin to remove the coarse dirt. In further cleaning, please refrain from using too much moisture on your keyboard: For example, avoid spraying aggressive cleaning solutions directly onto the keyboard! Instead, it is sufficient to apply lens cleaner onto a soft, fiber-free cloth, again making sure it does not get too wet. Before using the keyboard again, it must be completely dry. Only then, you can assuredly avoid technical defects on your PC and keyboard!

Shake & Knock

First, it is recommended to turn the keyboard around, so the keys face down. With this rotation, some crumbs and loose dirt will fall from the keyboard. By slightly tapping and shaking, you can get rid of some larger dirt particles. With the CHERRY eHealth models BCS G87-1504 and Terminal ST-1503, however, this movement must be omitted because the devices are not designed for it. In any case, shaking alone cannot eliminate all dirt. Cotton swabs and soft brushes are good tools against deep-sitting particles.

Abgenommene Tasten

Benefits in cleaning of a keyboard with CHERRY MX switches

If you want to go a step further in cleaning your keyboard or the keys, you can remove the key caps completely. However, pay attention to how they are mounted with your specific keyboard. Here, CHERRY scores with its MX switches, which with their cross-shaped tappet can easily be removed. Still, you should use a suitable tool to prevent scratches or other damage to the caps. Once the key caps are removed, the case and the interstices of the keyboards can be cleaned with the moistened cloth mentioned above. This also allows for easy cleaning of the key caps. Again, avoid aggressive cleaners, since they could damage the labeling on the caps.

Tip: Take a photo before taking off the key caps for cleaning. This makes it easier to reinstall them in their correct location.

CHERRY MX SPEED RGB in der Corsair K70 Rapidfire

The fast alternative

For those in a hurry, there is the option to work with a vacuum cleaner. This is not an elegant solution, yet it fulfills its purpose. Loose and coarse dirt disappears quite effectively, without much effort. However, it is important to ensure that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is set to a low setting. Otherwise, key caps can be pulled of their tappet and disappear in the dust bag. A quick additional step is to wipe down the keyboard with a damp cloth.

The most effective method

To remove not only the dirt, but also bacteria, it is recommended to use the CyberClean. This natural, biodegradable cleaning compound for hygienic cleaning of household surfaces is ideal for keyboards. The manufacturer promises that after cleaning almost all bacteria are killed. In the application, CyberClean is undoubtedly very easy: the soft material is simply pressed on the buttons and dust, particles, and remains of hand sweat stick to it.

® Cyber Clean
® Cyber Clean

Even though cleaning keyboards is generally seen as an annoying task, you should do it regularly. This way you reduce bacteria and dirt. It also contributes to a proper appearance and prevents deteriorating of the typing quality due to crumbs or other dirt. Although we have tried to describe as well as possible on how to clean a keyboard, we as a manufacturer can not guarantee. You are cleaning your keyboard at your own risk.