Solve errors and failures of wired PC keyboards

If suddenly errors occur with your keyboard, this is not only very annoying, but it also keeps you from finishing your activities on the PC. In this blog post, we have summarized common issues and how you can fix them.

Typical errors: Unintentional mistypes

Everyone mistypes sometime, this is not a big deal. It is annoying, however, if the keyboard passes incorrect inputs to the system. The reason for this error is oftentimes an unintentional input of a keyboard shortcut. Specifically, the combination of Alt and Shift changes the input language to another one than English. The system then assumes you are using a different keyboard layout, swapping keys as well as the shift functions of the number row, and other special characters.

So, if you run into this error, take a look at the taskbar: If you see anything instead of “EN”, the system actually changed the input language. Use the same Alt and Shift key combination to change your language back to “EN”.

Keys do not actuate

If the keys do not actuate at all, this is often caused by something very mundane. Mostly, the keys are simply dirty or blocked by crumbs. A quick cleaning of the keyboard should help in this case.

Function and special keys do not convert inputs

Most modern keyboards, such as the CHERRY Stream 3.0, have separate multimedia keys. However, the default Windows keyboard driver is often not sufficient for these buttons to properly work right after the installation. One solution is to install the official driver provided by the manufacturer. In older versions of Windows, sometimes even this does not help, since the driver version does not cope with the outdated operating system. However, this usually only affects keyboard models with an integrated touchpad or similar features.

Typischer Fehler: Eine nicht funktionierende Sondertaste
Multifunctional keys of a mechanical keyboard

Malfunctions caused by malicious software

A complicated and critical error occurs, when malware has introduced malicious programs onto the PC. Often this kind of malicious software occupies individual keys with full key abbreviations instead of the actual character: For example, your browser opens on just one individual key press – an indication that your PC is infected. In this case, you should have your system checked thoroughly by an antivirus program.

Fallback solution Windows on-screen keyboard

If lastly, none of our solutions fix your problem, you can still use the on-screen keyboard in Windows. You can find this digital keyboard in the Windows accessories folder. The virtual keyboard is simply operated by mouse clicks. Therefore, it stays only an emergency solution, not suited for use with long texts.