Blue Angel Certification – CHERRY STREAM 3.0

The Blue Angel certification provides you, the customer, with reliable information about the effects a product and its manufacturing process have on the environment and health.

Every product group has various criteria that a device must fulfill in order to be awarded with the Blue Angel. An independent jury consisting of representatives from various societal sectors, appointed by the Federal Minister for the Environment, checks these requirements every three to four years, makes sure they are up to date, and adapts them to the most modern manufacturing processes. This method ensures the continuous further development of products and a corresponding increase in environmental friendliness.

Der Blaue Engel

This means that you can be confident that a device that has the Blue Angel certification is more environmentally friendly that comparable items. It also guarantees that this kind of device fulfills the high demands regarding environmental, health and performance properties. This is also dependent on the entire manufacturing process. The impact on water, soil, air and your own health is considerably less from these devices.

Certified with the Blue Angel: CHERRY STREAM 3.0


With our STREAM 3.0 keyboard, we can proudly claim to have put such an environmentally friendly device on the market. What this means for you of course, is that by buying the STREAM 3.0 you have made an important contribution to the environment and have also protected your own health. For further information about our certifications please refer to our landing page on our official website.