Insights into the digitisation of the German health care system

Even the ancient Egyptians knew how to perform operations on open skulls – and as historical sources reveal, many patients back then were likely to survive and recover from these complicated surgical interventions. While this provides impressive proof of the medical skills mastered by the ancient Egyptians, we should still consider ourselves fortunate that we've made so many advances in the medical field: Modern medicine would be inconceivable without the use of what are, in part, highly complex IT systems – in fact, information technology represents a basic prerequisite for optimum hospital operations today – and helps ensure all sorts of processes proceed without problems over the course of the everyday work done at clinics.

In a healthcare system that has been digitalised to the extent that it is today, universal, nationwide networking is the next logical step. Work on the corresponding project is currently in full swing: What is known as Telematics Infrastructure (TI) involves setting up a secure, digital platform that improves cooperation in the healthcare sector for everyone involved, and ultimately simplifies it as well. All services that are integrated into this TI must be approved by gematik. New components that have been specifically developed for TI, such as the connector or the eHealth card terminal, also require certification by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

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