If you think only of strangely curved keyboards when it comes to ergonomics, you know nothing (or only a small part of the truth). From CHERRY's point of view, a tested safety mark (GS / Geprüfte Sicherheit) is an important indicator of an ergonomic keyboard. Keyboards with this test mark meet the requirements of all relevant DIN standards. This ensures that key sizes, key spacing, key arrangement, labelling, surface finish, etc. comply with the recommendations of the German Institute for Standardization.

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According to a recent report by StudyFinds.org, four out of five parents are considering homeschooling their kids for the upcoming school year. Of those 2,000 parents surveyed, nearly half note that they are seriously considering implementing remote learning instruction from home in 2020 and 2021. One-fourth of parents surveyed revealed that they will not allow their children in a classroom.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, families are fearful. The prospect of a "new normal" during these uncertain times calls for precautionary measures to limit the spread of infection and to keep children, parents, and teachers alike safe and healthy. As public schools begin to reveal what a return to classrooms may look like, many parents feel uneasy about children returning to school and have pre-emptively opted to transition to a homeschool model. Parents surveyed explain that equipping children for each school day will require more time and preparation (i.e., ensuring that kids are provided with adequate face coverings, outfitting them with antibacterial hygiene products). Many also feel that the pandemic protocols, including social distancing, would take the focus away from learning, and escalate stress for school-age children.

In response to parental concerns, many schools have begun implementing flexible instruction methods, namely via virtual learning. Parents will have to start outfitting their homes with a remote classroom conducive to effective learning. However, it begs the question, are parents and students prepared?

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In these uncertain times, school districts all across the country have to reconsider their instructional plans for the upcoming school year. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, many schools are moving towards adopting virtual-based instruction with remote learning platforms, such as Blackboard and Edmondo.

Transitioning to online instruction can seem like a daunting task for students, instructors, and parents alike. How can one set up an ideal remote classroom conducive to effective teaching and learning? What tools are needed to be the most productive?

CHERRY has a broad range of reliable and durable mice and keyboards to make remote learning easily accessible and enhance the digital learning experience. As our motto goes, "We enable people to connect to the digital world." As we move quickly towards a more digitalized future, students and teachers alike will benefit from durable products in renowned CHERRY quality

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Whether in the office or at home, nowadays people have higher expectations of their work equipment than they had ten years ago. The keyboard, mouse, monitor, and PC have to be not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. To meet these demands, CHERRY has made it its business to incorporate customer's demands into its portfolio and has developed the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD, a keyboard that is both durable and ergonomic while remaining stylish.

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Software tool to customize your keyboard and mouse

Auerbach, 20 November 2019 - CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices, presents CHERRY KEYS. This free software tool for straightforward customization of keyboards and mice allows users to configure their input devices according to their individual demands. The software tool works with virtually every keyboard and mouse on the market, although it achieves best results with original CHERRY products.
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From inkpots with nibs, typewriters and rotary dial telephones to modern computer workstations, our office has developed rapidly over the last few centuries. While topics such as New Work, Work-Life-Balance and Work-Life-Blending are no longer a novelty today, the focus shifts to the atmosphere of every workplace. Only those feeling comfortable in their surroundings can keep a cool head even when work becomes stressful. In the modern office - alias oasis of well-being - we can focus on the essentials, unwind and regain our strength.

We can' predict what the future looks like. But technical developments show us what could be possible. In our "Workplace of the Future" series, we look at what our work might look like tomorrow.

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Oops! ... We did it again!

The CHERRY DW 8000 wireless desktop set has received the "Highly Recommended" award from Tech for Techs.

It is often said that "children are our future." What exactly will that future look like? Many experts expect artificial intelligence and technological automation to become a permanent fixture in the global economy in just a few short years. As we move towards a more digitized, technological, ever-connected globalized world, acquiring adequate computer knowledge is critical for every young person. The new question to consider, "Are today's students prepared?"

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