Wer wäre zu Beginn des Jahres davon ausgegangen, dass viele von uns momentan von zu Hause arbeiten würden? Obwohl einige, insbesondere Freelancer, bereits mit Home Office vertraut sind, zwingt die Coronakrise eine Menge von Menschen in unbekanntes Terrain. Doch allmählich gewöhnen sich Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte an die neue Situation und sie erkennen, dass es in den eigenen vier Wänden weder an Moral noch an Qualität mangelt – ganz im Gegenteil, die Produktivität der Kollegen ist im Home Office sogar tendenziell höher.

Meiner Meinung nach führt die momentane Situation dazu, dass viele Unternehmen ihre Remote-Work-Richtlinien nach der Krise überdenken werden und somit viele neue Chancen für Arbeitnehmer- und -geber eröffnen. In Deutschland wird nun wieder das Recht auf Home Office diskutiert. Doch was bedeutet das für Unternehmen und Angestellte?

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Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that many of us would be working from home at this time? Although some, especially freelancers, are already familiar with home office, the Corona crisis is forcing a lot of people into unfamiliar ground. But gradually, employees and supervisors are getting used to the new situation and they are realizing that there is no lack of morale or quality within one' s own four walls - on the contrary, the productivity of colleagues tends to be higher in the home office.

The current situation, in my opinion, will lead many companies to rethink their remote work policies after the crisis, opening up many new opportunities for employees and employers. Germany is now once again discussing the idea of the right to a home office. But what does this mean for companies and employees?

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Qui aurait pensé au début de l'année que beaucoup d'entre nous travailleraient à domicile en ce moment ? Bien que certains, en particulier les indépendants, connaissent déjà le télétravail, la crise du Covid-19 oblige beaucoup de gens à en faire l'expérience. Mais progressivement, les employés et les managers s'habituent à cette nouvelle situation et ils se rendent compte qu'il n'y a ni relâchement, ni baisse de qualité au sein de leur entreprise - au contraire, la productivité des collaborateurs en télétravail a tendance à être plus élevée.

Il est probable que de nombreuses entreprises repenseront leurs directives en matière de travail à distance après la crise et ouvriront ainsi de nombreuses nouvelles opportunités pour leurs employés. Le droit du télétravail est de nouveau en discussion en Allemagne. Mais qu'est-ce que cela signifie pour les entreprises et les employés?

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It's a new experience for most of us. Because of Covid-19, we are sheltering in place and working from home, day after day. There are some advantages, unless commuting to and from the office was the highlight of your day. But there are plenty of challenges, too. Watching the kids while remaining productive is not easy. It's more difficult to stay in close touch with team members to keep ideas flowing and projects moving. Staying in shape and looking good for those video conferences requires determination. And the aches and strains of makeshift home offices can be a pain in the back, shoulders, wrists, and more.

But don't worry, stay-at-home-office-workers. CHERRY is here for you! As a world-class designer, manufacturer and source of computer keyboards, mice and other computer input devices, we believe in the future of the office—whether it's at home or somewhere else. So, here are ideas we've CHERRY-picked for the home-bound, tethered, tired and toiling among us.

Be an Ergo Honcho @ Home: Antidotes to Work Tension + Apprehension

Maintaining good ergonomics can be real a challenge when you're working from home. Your work space has suddenly become the kitchen table, a living room chair, or a small desk in the bedroom, none of which were designed for extended periods working at a computer or talking on the phone. Finding the right furniture, computer setup and office equipment, maintaining a proper posture, and practicing the right exercises and stretches can help prevent musculoskeletal issues and other problems that cause fatigue, discomfort, back pain, and a myriad of other stresses and strains.

Here are links to a few articles we've sourced to help you understand the impact of poor ergonomics and what you can do about it. But before we do, let us remind you that great ergonomic keyboards and mice can make a real difference about how you feel working from home or anywhere else.

More Fun, Less Fatigue When Working from Home

There's a lighter side to "work-at-home" life. CHERRY has compiled a set of links to give you a little humor and relief amidst the fatigue and frustration of being remotely connected and digitally tethered all day long. However, one thing that's not a joke and nothing to laugh about is proper ergonomics and the right individualized tools, solutions and devices that adapt to your workstyle. Check out what has CHERRY has compiled to make home work life more fruitful and fun.

Digital Diversions for Kids to Aid Distracted Work-at-Home Parents

You're working from home and the kids aren't in school or day care. What's a parent to do? CHERRY has assembled a few links to cogent articles about how parents can cope with the challenges of childcare and home-office work without losing their minds or driving their children crazy. Health care provider, Ochsner Health, for example, discusses its top ten tips for balancing family and work:

  • Remain calm
  • Create a schedule
  • Create a sense of consistency
  • Set expectations
  • Don't be too hard on yourself
  • Encourage literacy
  • Exercise together
  • Be intentional with family time
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Take care of yourself
So read on, and remember, you're not alone.

Staying Social and Stylish When Working from Home

From socializing with friends to staying connected with co-workers, the Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us all, by necessity, to find creative new ways to collaborate and party at a distance. Can you imagine how impossible this would all be without high-speed connectivity and the social media and collaboration tools and applications connectivity has enabled? If your looking for new ideas about how to stay in touch, stay productive, and stay social from your home—and look good while you're doing it—here's some advice for the quarantined. CHERRY has assembled links to a number of fun and informative articles about how it's done.

In a report published on The Huffington Post, the humble PC keyboard was found to be the second dirtiest office item, just behind the electronic ID badge. Swabbed to find colony-forming units (CFU) per square inch and then sent to a lab for testing, they had 20,598 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, and the most common bacteria identified was one found in pneumonia….yuck.

So, what can you do to protect your keyboard from all this dirt, grime, and bacterial deposit?

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Dans un rapport publié sur The Huffington Post, l'humble clavier de PC s'est avéré être le deuxième objet de bureau le plus sale, juste derrière le badge d'identification électronique. Prélevés pour trouver les unités formatrices de colonies (CFU) par pouce carré, puis envoyés à un laboratoire pour des tests, ils contenaient 20 598 fois plus de bactéries qu'un siège de toilette, et la bactérie la plus fréquemment identifiée était celle trouvée dans la pneumonie....beurk.

Alors, que pouvez-vous faire pour protéger votre clavier de toute cette saleté, cette crasse et ce dépôt bactérien ?

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